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Security Lighting

Stay safe and protect your home or business with quality security lighting.

PAT Testing

Comprehensive Security Lighting

Something as simple as professionally fitted security lighting can provide considerable additional protection for your home or business premises. Our lighting installers can fit a diverse range of systems designing a layout offering strong coverage around the property, and with a focus on effective and energy saving motion sensor lights.

Security lighting installations require expert knowledge to ensure the cables and electrics are safely installed especially in an outside environment. Cable and electrics should be weather protected to ensure safety regulations are met. Our electricians are knowledgeable and proficient in all aspects of security lighting including outdoor installations and can offer advice and guidance to achieve your requirements.

Providing an effective deterrent

Security lighting is an effective deterrent and offers peace of mind during the evenings or whilst you are on holiday, keeping intruders or unwanted visitors away. We can install a number of options for outdoor lighting including lighting sensors, passive infrared (PIR), motion detectors, LED security lighting systems and floodlights.

Residential Security Lighting

Residential security lighting

Commercial & Industrial Security Lighting

Commercial & Industrial Security Lighting

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